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힘든 공연이었음니다...넘 준비기간두 짧았구...

모두모두에게 아쉬움이 많이 남은 공연이었던것 같습니다...

역시 끼여서 공연을 하려니 많은 문제가..^^

담번엔 준비 마이해서 단독공연두...^^*

-사람이 꽃보다 아름다워
-희망을 위하여
-언제나 여기에
-문을 닫아
-난 할말있다(연습만하구 공연못함..시간관계상...^^;)

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"I think it is the very best reward that will movie theater can easily give occurs when it may truly get something regarding the discomfort of being human therefore making you sense a little bit greater about this.In . Part of the robust influence involving "Les Miserables" may be caused by the timeliness. Hugo's tale associated with populist rebellion within 1832 Paris resounds in a age in the Arab-speaking Springtime, the Use up protests and standard aggravation more than economic inequality. "We're at the point in which we frequently have images associated with wave in the top of the page, in the media," says Hooper. "'Les Miserables' may be the excellent anthem involving dispossessed. The actual peoples' song is always to 'hear the people sing, singing the track regarding angry guys.I It does not take great term involving combined fury towards a great unjust technique." Hooper done implementing the motion picture exactly the night before it was first screened-in in late Late. 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Nevertheless the majority of your violence is actually assigned by simply Carroll (who is back jail by the end of the actual signature) to some legion associated with psycho-disciples * which is, his Right after. These kind of dreadful Santa's Helpers integrate the world, set to perform their particular masters murderous bidding. (Product: One of his / her utilizes slaughters the particular residents of an girls' dorm while disguised like a security guard.)A good signal: Upon Wed, The president introduced an activity pressure for you to art concrete suggestions regarding rifle manage, psychological health issues and also "a tradition that most many times glorifies firearms and abuse.Inch He explained tips tend to be thanks after Present cards, which can be just a couple days after "The Following" debuts.Joe Carroll (Purefoy) would have been a charming Uk mentor and writer with a style regarding Edgar Allen Poe and grisly efficiency art (their specialized can be stabbing demise and the elimination of their victims' eye). He or she ended up being found guilty ten years ago for your kill of 14 young women in the school wherever he or she trained.

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I a fresh sort of speech pertaining to Hooper

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Despite the presence of a contract together with Santos that will goes until finally 2015, Ganso refused an improved commitment provide in Come early july Several, together with accounts coming from Latin america indicating this individual has been holding out regarding 2 times the total amount the team were giving.Your playmaker is absent about worldwide work while coach Mano Menezes preps his / her aspect for the Manchester Olympic games, but Sonda offers surprisingly said that you could proceed to another club in the country instead of to be able to The european union soon.News In your case
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"Our 2013 Chrysler 300C David Varvatos Special edition presents more than just an imaginative venture,In . stated Saad Chehab, Chief executive as well as Boss -- Chrysler Brand, Chrysler Party LLC. Selection as well as Boys' collection, along with Speak through John Varvatos. The particular custom has become acknowledged three times from the CFDA having an U . s . Trend Merit for brand spanking new Designer clothing Developer (Summer Two thousand) and Men's clothing Artist of year (June Beginning of 2001 along with June August 2005) as well as had been thankful because GQ's "Designer from the Year" inside '07. -- which include their popular 315 Bowery specialist inside New York City, earlier the particular seminal subway songs membership CBGB's -- an internet-based, along with better stores throughout the world. David Varvatos can also be seen as an mentor in NBC's "Fashion Star" that can come back with regard to Season A couple of during the early 2013.Similar to Steve Varvatos, the The year 2013 Chrysler More than 200 is constantly prove in which world-class quality, performance and also quality could be developed and coded in Detroit. This kind of venture enabled the Chrysler manufacturer in order to mildew the considering similarly containing manufactured Steve Varvatos a new trailblazer of recent trend. Depending rock 'n' move and high business, the Chrysler 300C Steve Varvatos Limited Edition along with the 300C Bob Varvatos High-class Release, type pride and provide capacity to this is of "Imported from Detroit." Both primary automobiles confirm the belief, that whenever encouraged, effort may make lovely points.

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Protecting the girl coming from Carroll's frustration is currently priority one particular regarding Healthy. Yet he with his fantastic staff look eternally outsmarted from the bad guys, which in turn sets happens for lots of deaths Robust would seem helpless to avoid. Any moment this individual informs an individual, "Nothing's likely to take place, We offer an individual which,Inch the actual person might as well brace for another massacre.The planned premiere is often a month through today. Therefore the massacre in Sandy Hook Primary School has made some readers queasy concerning violence on TV, they've got an entire thirty day period to overpower it. Occasionally thoughts tend to be short-lived.Never mind everything. (Alert: spoilers ahead of time.)

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The big apple Hooper, the director regarding intimate personality studies much like the Oscar-winning "The King's Presentation," the HBO miniseries "John Adams" and also the Television set episode "Longford,In . wouldn't seem whatever chap more likely to make a disaparate version of an beloved Broadway musical. "I've usually had a legendary filmmaker inside me clamoring to get out,Inches points out your United kingdom movie director. Very much will become apparent inside Hooper's new film, "Les Miserables.Inches Through the music based on Victor Hugo's book, your movie is definitely an tremendous, star-studded affair overlaid over a People from france trend canvas nevertheless decorated having a naturalistic comb. Your movie, that has been selected with regard to several Gold Bulbs, offers came back Hooper on the solid with the Oscar race two years following the Academy Awards' coronation associated with "The King's Talk." 3-4 months after that motion picture won very best photograph as well as director regarding Hooper, he or she ended up being onto "Les Miz,In . investing the "capital,In . he states, that they attained with "The King's Presentation." "I only thought: How could i comply with this particular?Inch Hooper mentioned inside a the latest meeting. "In the finish, I believed a very important thing to do was simply go back to operate and also to return to the horse. I felt that the longer I remaining this, I would obtain kind of self-conscious or it may turn out to be this popular trend within my go.In . His or her method of "Les Miserables,In . the sung-through musical technology with out dialogue, had been centered on shooting every one of the vocal range stay, as opposed to lip-syncing that. While that's been done piecemeal within movies, few films (such as Philip Bogdanovich's "At Prolonged Last Love") have used this therefore entirely. "Even the people We many enjoy like 'Fiddler,Ha 'West Side Account,Ha 'Sound involving Songs,Ha My partner and i remarked that I had been needing to re-forgive the actual movie consistently pertaining to lip-syncing," affirms Hooper. "I did not would like visitors to watch 'Les Miserables' realizing ahead of time that we will be searching for these to reduce me.Inches The particular live vocal supposed Hugh Jackman (the fled from criminal Jean Valjean) can be vocal although browsing any pond involving will get; that long one will take could be required for a number of quantities to take care of tempo a continual; knowning that the celebrities could be executing together with little earpieces broiling in reside violin accompaniment. However the option also injected "Les Miz" using rawness along with reality as well as gave its throw a chance to act from the second. "If your vocalist is thinking about vocal, the audience will probably think about the vocal range,In . states Jackman. A new Broadway vet, Jackson hopes Hooper found the latest way to "deliver your genre" of video musicals, which have ceased throughout popularity recently even as reality vocal competitions get driven large scores on television. Hooper has designed a standing being an actor's director, having steered Colin Firth and also Geoffrey Rush ("The King's Speech") and Robert Giamatti along with Laura Linney ("John Adams") in order to performing respects. The actual routines throughout "Les Miz" room regarding improvisation and frameworked within close-up been recently widely praised, such as those of Russell Crowe (police officers chief Javert), Eddie Redmayne (the revolutionary Marius) specifically Anne hathaway, who since the awful Fantine sings your show-stopping "I Thought any Dream" in a take. The particular motion picture, Hathaway claims, shows Hooper "isn't any one-off" following "The King's Speech." Fittingly, it turned out a new audio which began Hooper with respect to leading. As being a 10- or even 11-year-old child, your London-born boy of a businessman plus an school has been shown movie theater simply by his college crisis trainer, former Regal Shakespeare Organization professional Roger Mortimer. Hooper's 1st flavor regarding undertaking arrived like a company new member in "The Beggar's Opera" in addition to a lovesick British officer inside Gilbert and also Sullivan's "Patience" child years recollections, he says. But seeing that he had been unable to territory guide tasks inside a college of some hundred or so, he rather looked to directing: "I ended up being strangely proper as being a youngster,In . he admits that. Hooper manufactured his / her very first 16mm motion picture by the chronilogical age of 13 along with ahead of he or she had been 20, he had offered an expertly loaned short for you to British television set. Soon after their studies at Oxford College, this individual entered Television set assist the particular BBC. Like a fan of flicks by Francis Honda Coppola and also Ingmar Bergman, Hooper looks astonished that will he has turned out to be this kind of plucker regarding cardiovascular strings. People replied passionately towards the personalized triumph account associated with "The King's Presentation,Inch an international $414.Two million strike cheered by people that have presentation obstacles and others. "I did wish to stay in a difficult place in my filmmaking,Inch according to him. "What drawn me personally about 'Les Miserables' ended up being quite possibly work in an even more emotional approach.In . "I do think it is the very best gift in which theatre may give happens when it can actually consider some thing in regards to the ache to become human therefore making you sense a little bit greater regarding it." Part of the solid impact regarding "Les Miserables" might be due to its timeliness. Hugo's history associated with populist rebellion in 1832 Paris resounds in a period with the Arab Planting season, your Inhabit protests and basic aggravation around fiscal inequality. "We're with a level wherever we frequently have images regarding emerging trend upon our most visited page, in the news," states Hooper. "'Les Miserables' could be the great anthem involving dispossessed. The individuals tune would be to 'hear the folks perform, vocal your song involving upset adult men.Ha Oahu is the great phrase of combined rage versus an unfair technique.In . Hooper concluded focusing on the actual film merely the night before it was first tested at the end of Nov. And even though he thought the requirement to dash onto the second step following "The King's Talk,Inches creating "Les Miserables" acrylic tanker of the picture,Inches he says still left your pet needing just to curl up in a part as well as rest. "It's just like We have gotten the actual hard next recording away,Inches states Hooper. Most rights set aside. These components might not be posted, transmitted, rewritten or perhaps reassigned.

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The longer term ofSantos starGanso has become chucked directly into greater uncertainly right after Delcir Sonda, the master of a purchase firm DIS that will individual Fifty five % of Ganso's monetary legal rights, explained the ball player won't function for the B razil membership yet again."Ganso could enjoy with regard to Internacional. Now i'm negotiating using Santos. He would like to depart, nevertheless stay in Brazilian for an additional year,Inches he deducted.Santos us president Luiz Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro has been enraged through Ganso's refusal in order to indicator a much better deal, telling the paper The particular Tribune which "it could be difficult to provide your ex a penny more".
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Chrysler makers operating hand-in-hand using John Varvatos attempt to deliver a proven fact that provides in Detroit's competing character -- in the event you appear in early, depart overdue and continue to work harder as opposed to following dude, the Chrysler 300C Steve Varvatos Version cars will reward anyone for your hard work as well as perseverance."Our 2013 Chrysler 300C Bob Varvatos Special edition presents not only an innovative cooperation,Inch said Saad Chehab, Us president along with Chief executive officer - Chrysler Brand, Chrysler Team LLC. Selection and Boys' line, as well as Communicate through David Varvatos. Your custom has become recognized three times from the CFDA by having an United states Manner Prize for first time Menswear Developer (July The year 2000) as well as Men's clothing Designer of year (06 Beginning of 2001 and 06 June 2006) as well as had been honored since GQ's "Designer with the Year" in 3 years ago. -- such as his or her famous 315 Bowery shop in Nyc, earlier your seminal underground tunes golf club CBGB's -- and internet-based, along with greater stores across the world. Bob Varvatos can even be described as advisor in NBC's "Fashion Star" that may go back pertaining to Period A couple of at the begining of The year 2013.

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-- I acquired apple iphone 4 1st episode involving "The Right after,Inches Fox's forthcoming offense thriller, a few weeks back. Their degree of graphic assault remaining me embarrassed and also dismayed. However with plenty of time to extra ahead of the July. 21 years old premiere, We place it besides, solving to get the show one more likelihood although questioning if I was simply using a negative day time.Carry Them upon! I can't immediately condemn Tv set abuse. Collection such as "Breaking Undesirable," ''The Jogging Dead" along with stomach-churning "Dexter" frequently breast taboos. Nevertheless they put physical violence within the support of a larger storytelling objective, not just gory discomfort. That is how it must be. A sequence need to create the imaginative licenses to travel extreme. It ought to make a case for it's excesses using even larger this means. "The Following" displays no these kinds of accountability.The idea can be a shabby contrivance. Bread plays Ryan Sturdy, an early FBI adviser got out of retirement to locate a serial killer he or she nabbed decades before nevertheless whom runs away from jail within the gory beginning arena.

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Ny Hooper, the movie director involving intimate character research much like the Oscar-winning "The King's Speech,In . the actual HBO miniseries "John Adams" and the Tv set crisis "Longford,In . wouldn't seem to be the type of fellow likely to come up with a sprawling version of an beloved Broadway musical. "I've constantly acquired an epic filmmaker within me clamoring to leave,Inches points out the Uk overseer. Very much turns into clear throughout Hooper's brand new video, "Les Miserables.Inches From your audio determined by Winner Hugo's story, the particular motion picture can be an massive, star-studded event overlaid with a This particular language revolution canvas but painted which has a naturalistic clean. Your motion picture, that has been nominated with regard to four Golden Globes, offers delivered Hooper on the heavy with the Oscar contest 2 yrs following the Academy Awards' coronation involving "The King's Speech.Inch A couple of months from then on motion picture won very best image as well as director pertaining to Hooper, they ended up being on "Les Miz,Inch shelling out the actual "capital," according to him, that they earned together with "The King's Presentation.Inches "I merely imagined: How to follow this specific?" Hooper stated inside a current job interview. "In the conclusion, I figured a good thing to perform was simply make contact with function and also to get back on the actual mount. It seemed like the more My spouse and i remaining the idea, I may find type of self-conscious as well as it could grow to be this particular growing trend inside my mind.Inches Their method of "Les Miserables,Inches any sung-through musical without discussion, had been centered on filming each of the performing reside, as opposed to lip-syncing this. Whilst that is carried out piecemeal inside motion pictures, number of motion pictures (especially Philip Bogdanovich's "At Prolonged Previous Love") possess used the idea therefore totally. "Even the people I the majority of adore just like 'Fiddler,' 'West Side Account,I 'Sound involving Tunes,Ha We pointed out that I used to be needing to re-forgive the actual motion picture constantly regarding lip-syncing,In . affirms Hooper. "I did not need website visitors to observe 'Les Miserables' knowing in advance i will be looking for them to absolve me.In . The particular live performing designed Hugh Jackman (the particular fled from criminal Jean Valjean) would be singing although standing in any pond of mud; too long solitary usually takes could be essential for some figures to maintain beat a continual; and that the actors will be performing using very small earpieces piping throughout reside keyboard complement. But the alternative additionally injected "Les Miz" with rawness and realistic look as well as gave the solid the ability to behave inside the moment. "If your singer is thinking about vocal, the target audience will almost certainly look at the vocal,Inch says Jackman. The Broadway animal medical practitioner, Knutson expectations Hooper found a different way for you to "deliver the genre" involving motion picture musicals, which have ceased in acceptance recently at the same time reality vocal contests get pulled large scores in the news. Hooper has recently developed a popularity as an actor's director, getting steered Colin Firth as well as Geoffrey Rush ("The King's Speech") along with Robert Giamatti and Laura Linney ("John Adams") for you to operating awards. The actual shows inside "Les Miz" area for impulsiveness as well as mounted in close-up recently been commonly hailed, including those of Russell Crowe (police officers key Javert), Eddie Redmayne (the revolutionary Marius) especially Anne hathaway, that as the sad Fantine performs your show-stopping "I Thought a Dream" in a take. Your video, Hathaway claims, establishes Hooper "isn't any one-off" following "The King's Presentation." Fittingly, it turned out the musical technology that began Hooper on the road to pointing. Being a 10- as well as 11-year-old boy, the actual London-born boy of your business owner as well as an instructional was introduced to cinema by simply his or her college drama teacher, previous Noble Shakespeare Organization actor Roger Mortimer. Hooper's initial tastes involving undertaking arrived as a gang new member throughout "The Beggar's Opera" as well as a lovesick British official inside Gilbert arizona along with Sullivan's "Patience" the child years reminiscences, he says. However seeing that they ended up being can not property lead tasks in the university of a few number of, they instead turned to guiding: "I has been weirdly proper as a little one,Inch according to him. Hooper made his / her very first 16mm film with the day of Tough luck as well as ahead of he or she ended up being 30, he marketed an expertly loaned short to Uk television set. After studying at Oxford University or college, he entered Tv set assist your BBC. As a supporter of films by Francis Kia Coppola and Ingmar Bergman, Hooper seems surprised in which he has turned out to be this kind of plucker involving coronary heart strings. Audiences responded amorously towards the personal victory story involving "The King's Talk,Inches an international $414.2 million reach cheered by people that have speech road blocks and others. "I did wish to stay in a psychological devote my film making,In . he says. "What enticed myself about 'Les Miserables' was to probably work in a much more psychological way." "I think it's the finest surprise that cinema can provide occurs when it might actually acquire one thing about the pain to be human and make you really feel somewhat better about this.Inch Section of the robust influence involving "Les Miserables" may be due to their timeliness. Hugo's story regarding populist rebellion inside 1832 Paris, france resounds within an era from the Arab Spring, the particular Occupy demonstrations and also standard disappointment more than financial inequality. "We're at a stage where we regularly get photos regarding wave about each of our most visited page, on television,In . says Hooper. "'Les Miserables' could be the great anthem regarding dispossessed. The particular individuals music is usually to 'hear individuals sing out, singing the actual song of angry males.A Oahu is the wonderful expression involving joint anger towards an unfounded method.Inches Hooper done implementing the actual film only the previous night it was first screened-in in late Late. And while this individual felt the need to be quick to the the next thing soon after "The King's Speech,In . creating "Les Miserables" essential oil tanker of your picture,Inches according to him left him or her seeking simply to relax within a place and also snooze. "It's such as We have received your challenging subsequent album away,Inch states Hooper. All legal rights reserved. This material may not be printed, send out, rewritten as well as redistributed.

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News In your caseOlivia Wilde Jerrika Sudeikis Involved! Access Showmanship - A few hours ago Really like is within the oxygen with regard to Jerrika Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde! The bride and groom -- which first began dating in late The new year as well as lately shifted in together -- can be employed.The long run ofSantos starGanso may be cast into greater uncertainly following Delcir Sonda, who owns an investment business DIS that individual Fityfive % regarding Ganso's monetary legal rights, stated the player is not going to characteristic for that B razil golf club once more.
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